Chelsea FC: Latest Update in 2015 Games

Chelsea FCChelsea is known as a professional football club that is located in Fulham, in London. They have played in the Premier League which is known as the highest level of English Football.

Established in the year of 19o5, they entirely have spent their history in the English football. With their home ground in the Stamford Bridge Stadium, they have played all their lives here.

It was also in 1955 wherein the club had its major success in the field. They also have won the league championship and won different cup competitions from 1965 to 199o. They also have reaped off their success in the past twenty years after winning seventeen major trophies. They have won league titles, community shields, League Cups and more in various continental competitions.

It was noted that Chelsea was one of the London clubs to ever win the Champions League in the UEFA. It also has own three club competitions in the UEFA.

Chelsea FC News-Terry Saying There is No Big Difference from the Games Last Season

Terry has just said that there is no big difference prior to the games last season. In fact, Chelsea’s became fully united behind the support and guidance of Jose Mourinho.

They remained at their sixteenth position in the Premier League after the team of Southampton inflicted a 4th loss in 8 games. This actually took place on Saturday with all those people watching over the game.

For the second time, Terry began in 6 matches. However, defensive failings were even more evident. It also led to more speculations about Mourinho to be sacked out completely. This is just his predecessors.

With the Blues Boss, he has denied the damages in the established relationships with the squad. This is especially true with the player Terry who have publicly announced his support for Mourinho.

Terry also said that they have a huge team of players with the best manager. With their manager who is always willing to be there for them and support them. He also insisted that in times of tough circumstances, Jose Mourinho is the only person to ever get them out of this hole.

The team of players will always remain together and will fight no matter what. They will keep on fighting for the sake of the supporters who put for their loyalty. They were truly excellent prior to the last game on Saturday.

Chelsea FC paraded their title, including their Capital One Cup throughout the West London. They will maintain their response and even though Terry said that they are not in the familiar position, they will get out of it.

In general, they may be lacking in confidence. But, they still have their players who will stand up and will always do. They need to be in thirst and in hunger just like before. They may be late but still, they have their big characters in the dressing room. They will still remain together along with themselves and their manager.

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